This blog is just my little corner in the internet where I can share the highs and lows of my exciting yet dull life. Cool gadgets or things I see, and music I hear and sometimes just randomness that helps fill the void.

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  1. Ok so this is an anonymous post…. but you probably already know who it is u beautiful piece of man meat u. Anyways, I have an idea… y don’t u start posting stuff up about WIND Mobile (go join their facebook group if you haven’t already). Supply all ur affiliates with the link as well and if u want u can embed their YouTube videos on ur blog or just supply a link for that as well (www.youtube.com/WindMobileCAN). Anyhooo I’m starvin like marvin so imma go grab some food and we will talk later.

    P.S. I promised u that I’d take u out for a nice dinner and that WILL still happen, just waitin on my pay. PEACE OUT!


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