Posted on December 16, 2010


I’m stuck thinking to myself wondering where it all went wrong for me. Hell with it, I’m going to go hard for the next 2 semesters and try to graduate with honors and be that guy everyone in the class hates cause he knows all the answers. I’ll read and do all my labs and manage to have time for Starcraft with my buddies, work and a bit of Youth Group still. I want to know all the hardware of computer networks like the back of my hand, I want to be able to subnet any network in less than 10minutes, I just want to be somebody rather than being a nobody.

6 classes for 2 semesters. I’ll do it and I’ll graduate, work, get more certifications and experience and hopefully be able to work outside of Canada and get even more experience.

During the holidays I won’t learn HTML 5 or retouch on my programming at all I’m going to brush up and hopefully learn some new stuff about networking to prep myself for the next semester. I know it sounds like a nerdy no life thing to do over the holidays but I got to do it.

As for Christmas coming up, I really don’t want or need anything. Not that I can think of anyways, maybe a book or something. I kinda wanted that Life Hacker book but I read somewhere that they’ll be releasing a new edition sometime in 2011 so I’ll wait till then. Youth Group will be having a Kris Kringle on Monday so I need to dl some Christmas music and movies for them and find a small Christmas tree which I think I have somewhere in my house.

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