late night…early morning

Posted on November 17, 2010


Slept early today and woke up late. So now I’m just working on my assignment so I can get it done asap. I’d like to get it done before it’s due so I can relax and study with out any headaches.

– Prepare for DAT702. Assignment prep for install and configure. Then I’ll mapping out some queries, sub queries and joins. So with that being said, time to read up some power points and some good old command line practice.

– WIN310 needs to be taken care of as I’m REALLY behind in readings. So I’ll work on that tomorrow till my World Religions class.

– World Religion I just need snacks, pad and pen to take notes on other presentations. Since my group was first, I’ll just chill back and take some notes for my reflection paper.

So theres my day and plan. I hope it’ll work out, oh and I need to prep for a retreat on Friday. Busy..which means no sleep but also means work harder so I can get some sleep.