in for one hell of a night

Posted on October 31, 2010


I’m now at home focused to do some work and chores. I’ll start by watching Modern Family as I’ve missed the episode this week and I’d like to know what happens. While doing that I’m going to be cleaning my desk of all the papers and crap lying around as I hate having a messy work area.
By then the show should have ended and I’ll clean the rest of my room so I won’t be yelled at tomorrow and forced to step into serious study time.

I have research notes for my group presentation on Open Source. Quite a general topic but I’ve narrowed my stuff down to open source programming languages for web development. Those notes are my main priority.

I then have paper work that needs to be filled out and databases that need to be updated for my Youth Group. I have a meeting on Monday and I still need a outline of what I need to discuss. That’s a second priority.

After I’m done that I will be moving on to making research notes on different religious views about cloning for my World Religions Class and I’d like to read the lectures and answer the questions before I forget.

I should be having breakfast by then so I’ll be able to pour myself a nice glass of juice and do my morning work out then shower.

Windows Administration and Networking class needs my attention for notes so I’ll be touching on that as well. I’ll check the chapter readings and power points to make sure I’m not wasting time on certain topics.

Around 1pm I’ll be heading out for lunch with my family up town. Should be fun so I’ll try to relax and have a good time while I’m there. Then its back to work, I hope I’m not out for too long.

My whole night/day probably won’t end up being like this but I’ll try my best to get most of it all done. It will take a lot of coffee and what not to stay awake for the whole day but I need to. Its going to be one hell of a night.

– focus and time management is key