Jonathan “dacypher” Lapar , the gamer.

Posted on April 8, 2010



So besides being the gadget and computer geek I also love to play video games, so lets start off with little background history of my gaming life.

My first experience with a game must have been with the beautiful Sega Game Gear, then came the original Game Boy which I wish I still had, Nintendo 64, Playstation, Game Boy Advanced SP the SNES Version, Xbox and now my beloved PS3. To many it may seem like I was not much of a gamer since I’m missing some consoles but I never really needed to buy any of them(NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, Dreamcast, PS2 etc) due to my friends or cousins had them.

A huge chunk of my gaming took place on my PC, most favorite FPS game of all time would still be Counter Strike 1.6. I had played it for 5 years competitively and had moved up in the CAL League. I have yet to find a game that has given me such an adrenaline rush to this day.

Thats a really brief background on my gaming life, but I do love games from different genres ranging from Sports, Action, Adventure, RPG, Puzzles, Hack and Slash etc. I love them all.

Currently my main focus is on Final Fantasy Xlll, I’ll have a review on it sometime soon. I have found a few things that had bothered me to begin with as I’ve played all the FF series except 11, 12 and the one on Game Cube which I don’t really count.

Stay tuned.

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