I’ve been thinking…

Posted on March 7, 2010


Reading week has come to an end and I’m officially going back to school on Monday so I’m trying to get as much work done as possible. I haven’t acomplished much this week but hopefully I’ll be able to manage my time better in the next few hours that I have before I go to work.

Besides school and work I’ve been trying to work on my Youth Group stuff as well which just adds more to my plate which then becomes overflowing with too much to handle. But I’ll get by just as I’ve always done, but now I’m trying to put it into high gear and do what I can before summer comes.

So my plan for the next few hours are, finish this blog entry, take a shower, update the email listing for the Youth Group, send out an email, finish the permission forms, mark the pages for the music for the Passion Play rehersal tomorrow and work on the midterm for Data Communications on Tuesday as well as read a few chapters for my Fictional Identity class. Sure does sound like a lot but I’m pretty awake and hopefully I can pull through it all.

On a tech update for myself, I’ve had a post for my review on my Flip Ultra HD which I’ll post asap since I think it’s pretty cool and people should think about investing into a pocket video camcorder. But I’m in no rush to post that just yet as I have a lot of other things to do at the moment so that can wait.

So I shall get cracking as it is now 1:10am according to the clock on my wall and time is money.



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