Video Blog aka VLog

Posted on February 11, 2010


As many years have passed I’ve watched many video reviews, unboxings and sometimes just a few kids who just rant on and on about issues or topics that they have no clue about. So to add onto this blog/journal I’ve thought of adding a video portion or visual aid as it were, to expose myself to this whole phenomenom of video blogging. Should be fun.


So how might I go about doing this? I developed a mind sketch seeing how and what I needed. First of course, I needed some sort of device to record with. I have my HP DV9418ca and Dell mini 10v both with built in microphones and webcams, but seeing how I like to go big I think I’ll refrain from using them for now. Unless I’m on the go then I’ll use them but other then that I needed something a bit more powerful. I had originally planned on picking up a pocket camcorder sepcifically the Flip Ultra HD or the webcam Microsoft Lifecam Cinema OR maybe have both. The Lifecam for obvious use when I’m at home and my pocket camcorder for when I’m out and about. It’s just a thought, knowing me that would probably be my best bet seeing how I’m a very impluse buyer when it comes to anything geeky.


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