Hackint0sh Triumph!

Posted on February 4, 2010


So I have now equipped the love of my life Grace(my main workstation) with her Corsair XMS2 8GB of DDR2 6400 mainly for her VMware usage and man is she running. Ginger(laptop) has her 3GB of DDR2 5500 in her and I should be looking to pick up the 4GB sometime soon for all her hard working needs when I’m not home. A new addition to the family has been made, my Dell Mini 10v(1011) Netbook which has been for the past few weeks my resource for all my on the go needs.


Lets start off with why a netbook? Well I was a bit skeptical at the time on whether or not I should pick one up or not seeing how my computer usage leans more towards power houses. So I waited a bit from the time they came out, seeing how the progress and reading reviews on certain makes and models I figure they’ll more or less be the same. But one night I had gotten a message on my Blackberry from a friend who’s friend had a computer problem, so I thought I’d hear them out. She had explained to me what the problem was and that her computer was a netbook, I thought of this as an opportunity to finally try one of these out.

The first day I had it, it was a dream come true besides all the spyware, malware and virus’ that were on it. I reformatted it with Windows XP and seeing how small and convenient it was for just browsing web sites, checking my email and typing up some documents made me fall in love with it. So I excitingly picked one up a few weeks after but ran into a few hick ups. After long periods of time I noticed that the screen was too small for me and had caused my eyes to strain which was a no go for me. Another thing I noticed was if I were typing something as long as this my hands would cramp up seeing how the keyboard was too small as well. Once I thought of both these reasons I realized that this netbook just isn’t for me. Performence wise it was great seeing it had a 8GB SSD for a hard drive made it much faster than the conventional 2.5” hard drives you see today in most netbooks and laptops. Battery life was exceptional as long as you weren’t doing anything too strenuous. So I had sold it for about the same price that I had bought it for and that was it.

Now I moved on to the Dell Mini 10v, perfect size screen for me, keyboard layout is excellent so no strains or cramps thus far. Only thing I can say that bothers me is the trackpad seeing how they designed the buttons underneath the two bottom corners my hand tends to touch it which causes the cursor to move. I’ve seen a mod that can fix that but I’ll most likely use the software to disable the trackpad when I have my mouse plugged in.

I have the Dell Mini 10v hackintoshed which to those who don’t know is having the netbook running the latest Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.2 and I must say it’s pretty cool. Now I can experience 90% of what a Mac computer is capable of. I’ve also set it up for a Triple boot which will have Mac OS X, Windows 7 and Ubuntu. I’m working on fixing a few bootloader problems as well as drivers, hibernation, wake and sleep recovery on the OS X partition but other then that it’s going on pretty well. I’ve made personal notes on the side of how I did the install and hopefully I can share that all very soon.



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