taking a break

Posted on January 25, 2010


I have a 4 hour break till my next class so I thought I’d make a post. If you read my last update that I did comparing my previous rig to my current rig you’ll see my old hardware was a little out dated since I built it in my Computer Science class back in grade 12. As the years passed with me being in school and still gaming I realized with my new rig I won’t be gaming on it all. I’ll leave the leisure time to my ps3, blogs, novels I need to finish and cleaning my room. I’m still in the process of building a media server for my ps3 but as of now my money is towards my bills, being a computer enthusiast drains the wallet hard especially when you work part time.

I had also changed my desktop layout which was pretty cool, I had 3 different types. The first was just monitor on the table and two shelves, the second was 1 shelf for my gizmos and used the 2nd shelf as a monitor stand and I would tuck my keyboard, mouse, laptop and ps3 underneath to do my work that required none of those. But as time passed by I found it quite uncomfortable regardless of how I positioned my chair or the monitors so I chose a final layout. I went back to my 2 shelves layout but cleaned out most of the papers and gadgets I was no longer using, which in my case gave me MUCH more space. So now my monitors, keyboard, mouse, usb hub, modem and phone are on the desk. The first shelf is dedicated to my gizmos and gadgets such as my ps3, ps3 games and accessories, Blue Ant Blue tooth headset, LG Blue tooth speaker phone, hard drives, PC game boxes and a few figurines. Top shelf just has my Linksys WRT54G DD-WRT router and my mini fridge. I guess I’ll post some pictures up once I’m finally done my cable management but for now I’m going to grab me a coffee and hit the books.