back with more to come

Posted on January 25, 2010


Seeing I have a bit more time on my hands right now that I might as well do a quick update post.

As stated in my last update I would install Windows 7 on my laptop and desktop which I have done. No complaints on my end as of now, looks great, loving the task bar now since I don’t need the use of rocket dock and I’m getting the hang of all the shortcuts the OS has to offer. My UI experience has been more than pleasing, not to say I would never switch back to Windows Xp, Windows Vista or any other windows OS but some things do get annoying with it but hopefully I find some loop holes around those nick-knacks. Once I get more time I’ll eventually reinstall Ubuntu for my dual boot on my laptop.

Another point I had made in my last post was that I was building a new rig to replace my old one which is now being used by my sister’s boyfriend, but hopefully when he picks up his laptop I’ll get it back and use it as a media server. But down to business, my new baby is up and running and she’s a beautiful piece of work. So in comparison of hardware of my old rig and my new rig here’s the specs.

Old Rig:

Case – Antec p180(amazing case!)

Mobo – Asus A7N8X-Deluxe

CPU – AMD Opteron 160(Server cpu 😀 )

RAM – 1 GB DDR400 Dual-Channel

GPU – BFG 6600 GT OC

HDD – WD SATA 80GB 5400rpm

PSU – 550w Antec Quiet


New Rig:

Case – Cooler Master HAF 932

Mobo – Asus Striker Extreme

CPU – Intel 2 Quad Q6600

RAM – 8GB Corsair XMS2 PC6400 DDR2 800

GPU – 2x Evga 8800 GT/GT Super Clocked in Sli

HDD – WD SATA 500GB Green 32 mb/cache

PSU – Ultra LSP 750W


Loving it right now, still working on the ocing but as of now I’ve gotten the q6600 to 3.84ghz w/ the ram at 850mhz.