little update

Posted on November 13, 2009


Thought I’d do a little update before I do my assignment. First of all, the Black Berry Bold 9700 is pretty slick, I probably wouldn’t like it due to the phone being a bit too small for me so I’d probably get the 9000. I’ve come across a few friends and customers who have it and it’s quite the device with it’s 3.2 MP camera with auto focus and image stabilization, high resolution display(480×360 if I recall), Wifi capable, UMTS and GSM network compatible and of course the optical trackpad which really eliminates the trackball problem most crackberry addicts like myself come across.

Second, I’d like to announce that I am picking up parts for my new rig(yay!) The parts I’m getting are mid range in the quad core community but for the deal I’m getting them for it’s pretty much a steal. Later on I do plan to pick up a new mobo from Gigabyte and faster ram from Corsair or OCZ but due to the budget of my wallet we’ll see. I might post some pictures up on it later, and hopefully it does fit under my desk but I need to do some measurements since the case is a full tower hehe.

Last but not least, I did install Windows 7 on my current desktop and I must say that even though the computer itself isn’t the best, it runs W7 quite well. I’m pleased in my experience so far with it but I have come across some points when using and navigating through the task bar quite annoying. But since I use my laptop more often since I’m mobile most of the time I should back it up and install 7 on it some I familiarize myself with it much more.

Thats all for today and I’ll try to keep the posts coming.