Just a little update

Posted on October 19, 2009


So I finally moved my shelf down on my desk so I can use it as a monitor stand, and it’s taking some time getting used to. I’m actually adjusting my chair a bit right now so I can accommodate for the height so I’m not straining my neck in anyway. Ergonomics is very important especially when your in front of a computer majority of your day. I should be able to post before and after pictures another day or maybe when I grab my 24” monitor, but for sure I’ll be putting up some before and after pics.

So for my fellow bloggers who are reading this could be beneficial for you. I’m actually using this application called Blog Jet, which allows you to publish a post or just manage your blog without actually logging into your blog host’s site. If you use flickr you can actually setup Blog Jet to retrieve pictures from your album and you still have the choice of attaching files as well. As for other perks of this blog manager I really don’t know haha I’ve only opened it here and there. But main reason I started using it was to allow myself easier access to my blog rather than opening a new tab in Firefox and end up doing other things on the internet. For sure later down the road I’ll get to know this application much better.


Have you ever told yourself that you’ll just check your inbox or facebook and it’s straight to the books, but only to check the clock on the corner of your screen only to see time has passed by and you’ve done nothing? I’ll be posting a few tips that might help you become more productive and aware of your usage on the internet, so stay tuned.

Back to studying for my midterm.