A new Phoneix BIOS in the works

Posted on October 14, 2009


Do you turn on your PC and go upstairs brew some coffee, make yourself a snack, read the paper then go back to your PC just to see it’s still loading Windows or cause you know you can do all of those tasks before you can use your PC? Yes! We’ve all been there, well for me years ago before my latest build but before that I could probably run a lap around my block, take a shower and when I got back my PC would finally be on. But I’m more than certain that 80% of PC owners have been put in this situation and have become frustrated with it for many years. Many factors come into play, PC components usually pop into mind at first but many people fail to realize that the way BIOS is programmed to run also takes a huge part in this.

How is the BIOS programmed to run? Well lets put it this way, lets say there are 1000 light switches and your the BIOS. You have to turn each of them on one at a time. That’s ridiculous right?! I KNOW!! So what Intel’s developers are now doing for the BIOS and for us users who hate waiting for they’re PC to turn on is having the BIOS turn all those light switches on SIMULTANEOUSLY! Go check it out.




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