BlackBerry Messenger 5.0

Posted on October 9, 2009


Well seeing how I’m still using my 8330 berry and tested the beta version of bbm 5.0, I am glad to announce the official release of bbm 5.0. Yes I know I’m a few days late and you’ve probably heard of it already but ah well.

I did notice some differences between the beta version and the official release. The layout, options and features that come with it are placed in a different order but it’s nothing too difficult. I still remember losing all my contacts on bbm due to my bud A.O telling me to just go to the O.T.A link and get it, but after screwing up and many..MANY forum readings I found out what went wrong. I needed my bb’s OS to be a certain version, duh. So I had to first reinstall bbm, update my bb’s OS, then download and install bbm 5.0’s beta leak. I think I just have bad luck with bbm 5.0 cause I tried to download it from app world and it just didn’t work, so I had to remove app world, then remove my beta version of bbm 5.0 then reinstall it from Desktop Manager then get the O.T.A and BAM! There she is in her final glory.

So if you have a BlackBerry all I can say is download it or load it up through Desktop Manager.

For more information: BlackBerry Messenger 5.0

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